Are we builders or teachers - May 2022

At first sight, it might seem that the program of self-help construction of family houses is mainly a development project and its main focus is construction. Of course, that’s not truth, our program is primarily social work in housing with people from excluded communities. However, if we want to solve housing, we must also tackle other areas of the client’s life, such as education or employment. Our program is based on intensive social work, we provide financial and employment counseling for families. We teach clients to plan and how to achieve their goal step by step. In our team we have social workers, construction engineers, masons and experts from the banking sector. All of them do one thing in common – THEY ARE TEACHING. Learning has many forms, from sharing information to practical training and the gaining of new skills. In the end result of our efforts is not primarily a built house, but a man equipped with the necessary skills to live.

How we educate future builders - April 2022

The Projekt DOM.ov uses various informal ways how to educate clients, whose are involved in the program of self-help construction of family houses. Also in this case works that, it is better to see once than to hear 3 times. Even better than have a see is have an experience. On this principle works experiential education. The experience evokes emotions and one remembers them longer than the heard information. For this reason, we organize excursions for our clients to locations where the construction of houses is already underway. In April, we organized such an excursion connected with education for money savers from Veľká Ida. The families first visited the Rankovce locality, where the building approval was 2 years ago, and then they absolved a tour in Kecerovce, where is a current construction. Understanding the whole process of building a family house is extremely important. Our goal, for families with our assistance, is not only to build houses, but to teach them everything what they need to build a house, from obtaining project documentation, building permits to building approval. And to be able to pass this experience on to their children and neighbors.

Lokal action group Kecerovce - March 2022

Implementation of the project “Inclusive neighborhoods” is strongly supported by many partners, such as among which by OZ Cesta von. In areas places where both organizations are focusing their activities through the programme of Omama, Projekt DOM.ov and OZ Cesta von are connecting their power for the development of Roma families development. We combine two aspects  – the help of living and early care for the families.

On 16th of March 2022 we realized educative workshop for staff of both organizations, where we discussed  practical forms of partnerships of communities in the municipality of Kecerovce.


Land preparation - February 2022

One of the main roles of municipalities is a land preparation for individual self-help construction of houses. Because the process of land preparation is complicated, the organization Projekt DOM.ov helps  municipalities to manage this preparation. Our help includes  explanation, negotiation with municipal council, finding new and proper lands, property settlement of land, territory geodetic reparcellation, an architectural study of construction preparation, projecting new infrastructure. We cooperate on all of these activities with architects, land surveyors, or lawyers. We have started cooperation with OZ Spolka on architectural study on February. Zoning plans experts have been preparing architectonical studies for municipalities Veľká Ida and Bačkov.

The author of our catalogue of family houses, Ing. I. Puškáš, cooperates on studies for municipalities Vtáčkovce and Kecerovce.

We have started the education - Januray 2022

Self-help construction program is not only about building houses . Very important element of this program is also a social work and education. We are providing individual or group education. We offer education in topics: What is a functional family budget, How to understand bank products, What does the legal house building process consist of?

Despite the pandemic situation in January, we had been meeting our clients . We have been regularly training and meeting with 85 families from 5 municipalities in the Košice region.

Base plates finished - December 2021

We continued  building eight base plates in Kecerovské Kostoľany in December 2021. We had reached our goal to finish them till winter . We were able to enjoy Christmas time with the knowledge that we have everything done. The same situation was in Bôrka, where the plan to finish and built  roofs on houses till the Christmas was also fullfilled. With the rest, we would continue in spring.

Building season in Bôrka and Kecerovce is open – November 2021

After a long time of saving money and  land preparation, we have achieved the building phase. In municipality of Bôrka, 3 families are building their first legal houses, in municipality Kecerovce, there are 8 families building their homes. The house construction process raised up an interest of other residents. The saving program was joined by 40 families from Kecerovce.

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